Utility Providers

Sacramento County has several utility providers. Several utilities and agencies offer incentives, rebates, and programs to new and relocating businesses. Learn more about these providers and programs below.​

​SMUD is the electric service provider for Sacramento County.  They are the nation's sixth-largest community-owned electric service provider and offer some of the lowest electricity rates in California to residents and businesses.  SMUD offers a variety of rebates, financing and incentives to encourage business growth in the region.  Please visit SMUD for more information or contact SMUD directly by email econdev@smud.org or by phone at 1-877-768-3674.

PG&E is the natural gas utility for Sacramento County.  It is one of the largest combination natural gas and electric utilities in the United States.  PG&E offers a variety of rebates, financing and incentives to encourage business growth in the region.  Please visit PG&E for more information or contact PG&E directly by email at economicdevelopment@pge.com.​​​

Sacramento County's Department of Waste Management & Recycling (DWMR) regulates commercial solid waste collection services and recycling requirements for businesses and commercial properties located in the unincorporated areas of Sacramento County. DWMR does not provide commercial waste and recycling collection services.  Please visit DWMR for more information or contact DWMR directly by email at commercialwaste@saccounty.gov or by phone at (916) 874-4200.​​​​

SASD is the sewer utility provider for both residential and commercial customers in Sacramento County.  SASD has personnel assigned to Development Services who can help determine the standards and specifications required for your project.  Please visit SASD for more information or the Development Services Contact List.​​​

Regional San owns and operates the regional wastewater conveyance system and the Sacramento Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant  located near Elk Grove, California.  In order to buy into Regional San’s wastewater conveyance and treatment system, builders, developers, and industries pay impact fees to connect.  There are various programs or options available that can affect when and how payments are made for fees. Please visit Regional San for more information or contact Regional San by phone at (916) 876-6100 (Residential/Commercial) or (916) 875-6470 (Industrial).​

SCWA serves nearly 200,000 customers, and is one of 27 different water companies serving all of Sacramento County.  Please visit SCWA to access the Water Supply Development Contact List​.​

The Department of Water Resources is the organization primarily responsible for drainage and flood control within the urbanized and urbanizing portions of unincorporated Sacramento County.  Please visit Department of Water Resources for more information.​​​

​​​More Information about Sacramento County Utilities