History and Partnerships

The 2,952-acre former McClellan Air Force Base (McClellan) operated for more than 60 years as an industrial military facility that served as an Air Force Logistics Command Base with a primary mission of management, maintenance, and repair of aircraft, electronics, and communication equipment. Closure of McClellan resulted in loss of 23,000 jobs throughout the Sacramento region, 11,600 of which were located at McClellan. See slide show and historical photos. (5.9MB)

McClellan is the largest economic development and infill reuse project in northern California, with a goal of creating more than 35,000 jobs. Our office was established in 1995, following military closure of McClellan and we were designated as the Local Redevelopment Agency (LRA) with an objective of promoting environmental restoration and reuse. We are responsible for promoting the transfer of Air Force-owned property to the County and facilitating McClellan Business Park’s reuse efforts. In addition, we: