​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​S​ustainable Business Program


Celebrating excellence in eco-friendly business practices in Sacramento County since 2006.


Why certify sustainable?

Many community members consider sustainable business practices as positively impactful and support these initiatives.


Business Incentives

  • Sponsored participation at no cost to the business owner.
  • Exclusive educational opportunities, access to business rebates, incentives, and networking opportunities amongst the Sustainable Business Community. 
  • Marketing toolkit including Sustainable Business window cling, digital marketing kit, and certificate of achievement.
  • Business promotion and recognition through Sacramento County, BERC marketing tools and social media. 
  • Conserving resources can lead to secondary cost savings and energy incentives.
  • ​Sponsored early-bird invitation to the Sustainable Business Awards ceremony and eligibility for nomination of the Sustainable Business of the Year Award.

Certification Categories

Click each category to learn more about the Sustainable Business Program requirements: