​​​​​​​Financing Your Business

Sacramento County’s pro-business policies and access to capital make it the ideal place to establish and grow your business.  The region is home to numerous small business service providers and financial institutions offering low cost, long-term financing to qualified businesses expanding, upgrading, or relocating their facilities. See the resources listed below for various types of financial assistance.

California Office of the Small Business Advocate (CalOSBA)

CalOSBA supports economic growth and innovation and ensures that ALL California small businesses and innovative startups have the information and direct support they need to better navigate resources, programs and regulations.​

Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development (Go-Biz)

California consistently creates more business and economic opportunity than any other region in the world through tax credits, tax exemptions, research and development tax credits, zero-emission vehicles funding, and more.

California Capital (CalCAP)

CalCAP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation is a mission-based lender that provides financing options for different stages of business growth. They offer microloans for start-up and bridge financing to loans and loan guarantees for expansion, working capital, and equipment. They are the administer of the State of California Small Business Loan Guarantee Program (SBLGP) that provides guarantees on bank loans for new and existing small businesses.

MetroBusiness Center

MetroBusiness Center provides a suite of services for small to mid-size businesses, including financial assistance.

California Pollution Control Financing Authority (CPCFA)

CPCFA administers programs which incentivize private capital loans to small businesses and private capital investment in projects serving a public good.

California State Trade Expansion Program (CalSTEP)

CalSTEP is designed to offer financial assistance to eligible California small businesses pursuing export sales in foreign markets.

​​See Utilities for rebates and incentives offered by local utility providers.